"Russo and her team dove into historical documents to find the original theatre behind the painted-gray walls and re-discovered a vibrant paint palette (a beautiful red-orange and blue-green), frescos along the sides of the theatre, and intricate detailing on the original curtains."
Stage Directions, September 2013, Jacob Coakley, Burnishing the Golden Theatre.
    "Although every project is unique, my firms experience with the restoration of other historic Herbert Krapp theatres certainly informed my work here. In turn my exploration of the use of modern material to mimic those of the early twentieth century at the Winter Garden would go on to influence my approach to subsequent projects..."
The Passing Show, 2012 Vol. 29, Francesca Russo, Ready for the 21st Century.
    "For architect Francesca Russo, the restoration of Broadway’s historic Belasco Theatre was a labor of love as well as a challenge. Working with John Darby and Tom Stein from the Shubert Organization, owners of the theatre since 1948, Russo set out a project outline and proposed a list of items that the restoration should entail."
Livedesignonline, 11.16.2012, Ellen Lampert-Greaux, Francesca Russo: Restoring The Belasco
    "Renderings by architect Francesca Russo, which illustrate concepts for the Belasco Theatre seating, custom carpet design, the box reconstruction (lower boxes were recreated) and the proscenium reconstruction..."
Livedesignonline, 11.16.2012, Ellen Lampert-Greaux, Belasco – FRA Renderings.
    "Russo found that the WF Norman Company had original pressed metal sign molds that could be used to give the proper period feel to the new marquee..."
Livedesignonline, 11.16.2012, Ellen Lampert-Greaux, Architect Francesca Russo’s detailed drawing for the new Belasco marquee.
    "Each theater speaks to you. Each one has such a strong personality, and you have to do what it says - not by exactly copying the past, but staying in tune with what it's saying."
Traditional Building, June 2005, Eve M. Kahn,
Drama Queen, Profile: Francesca Russo Architect.
    "…I've always listened to what my clients say, but in the end I stand firm
in what I want to do…My passion, my conviction, give me authority…"

The New York Times, August 9, 2001. By Glenn Collins, The Winter Garden Theatre
    "…In the field of historic restoration,
that's like winning a Tony…"

Continental, May 2001. By Kevin Markey.
The Winter Garden Theatre
    "restoring a historic theatre is to subtly evoke the spirit of the past, while addressing the practical needs of the commercial theatrical producers of today"
TCI, August / September 1997. By William Weathersby., The Martin Beck Theatre
    "...these brilliant restorations, when contrasted with the newer theatres, help clarify why the older buildings offer a more inviting frame..."
The New York Times, July 30 1995. By Herbert Muschamp., The Majestic Theatre
    TCI, November 1995.
By William Weathersby.

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By Peter Slatin., The Virginia Theatre
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The Virginia, Shubert and Eugene O'Neill
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